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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Certification (TTC): Elevating Yoga into the Air

The Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Certification (TTC) is a unique and exhilarating program designed for yoga enthusiasts and practitioners who wish to expand their practice by exploring the dynamic world of aerial yoga. This specialized training combines traditional yoga principles with the use of suspended fabric hammocks to create a gravity-defying practice that challenges the body, engages the core, and nurtures the mind. Aerial Yoga TTC equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to guide others in experiencing the joy and benefits of practicing yoga in the air.

Key Aspects of Aerial Yoga:

  1. Aerial Techniques: Aerial Yoga TTC introduces participants to the fundamentals of working with aerial hammocks, including rigging, safety guidelines, and proper alignment within the hammock.

  2. Asana Exploration: Participants learn a variety of yoga poses adapted for the aerial hammock, exploring inversions, flips, twists, and stretches that utilize the unique support of the fabric.

  3. Teaching Methodology: Aerial Yoga TTC focuses on teaching techniques specific to aerial yoga, including cuing, spotting, and sequencing for both beginner and intermediate levels.

  4. Safety and Alignment: Safety is paramount in aerial yoga. Participants are trained to prioritize the well-being of their students by ensuring proper alignment, using equipment correctly, and creating a secure environment.


What to expect:

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Certification offers a thrilling and specialized pathway for yoga enthusiasts to expand their horizons by taking their practice into the air. By combining traditional yoga principles with the creativity of aerial movement, graduates of Aerial Yoga TTC become certified instructors capable of leading engaging and safe aerial yoga sessions. This unique form of yoga not only enhances physical strength and flexibility but also fosters a sense of playfulness and wonder that can transform the yoga experience. Aerial Yoga TTC is a stepping stone into the world of gravity-defying exploration and a journey of empowering others to find their own balance in the air.


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