Pilates Course( MAT 2 Reformer 2)

Igniting Your Journey as a Certified Pilates Course ( MAT 2 Reformer 2)

Yokalp is a dedicated team of Pilates enthusiasts committed to empowering individuals on their wellness journey. With our comprehensive Pilates Course
( MAT 2 Reformer 2)teacher training program, we offer a transformative experience that goes beyond the physical practice of Pilates .

Course Overview:

This 5-day Pilates Teacher Training Course – Mat 2 / Reformer 2 is designed to further enhance your skills as a Pilates instructor. Building upon the foundational principles and exercises learned in Mat 1 / Reformer 1, 

This course delves deeper into the Pilates method, focusing on more advanced techniques and teaching methodologies for both Mat and Reformer classes. Successful completion of Mat 1 / Reformer 1 Pilates Teacher Training Course or equivalent certification.

A foundational understanding of human anatomy and physiology.
Basic knowledge of Pilates principles and exercises.

Day 1: Mat 2 – Intermediate Mat Exercises

  • Review of Mat 1 principles and exercises
  • Introduction to intermediate Mat exercises
  • Proper alignment and execution of advanced Mat exercises
  • Modifications for clients with specific needs or limitations

    Day 2: Mat 2 – Teaching Techniques

  • Effective cueing and communication skills
  • Sequencing and class planning for intermediate Mat classes
  • Hands-on corrections and spotting techniques
  • Group teaching practice and feedback
    Day 3: Reformer 2 – Intermediate Reformer Exercises
  • Review of Reformer 1 principles and exercises
  • Introduction to intermediate Reformer exercises
  • Mastering the use of resistance springs and straps
  • Progressions for advanced Reformer exercises
    Day 4: Reformer 2 – Teaching Advanced Reformer Classes
  • Advanced Reformer class sequencing and planning
  • Effective use of props and modifications
  • Addressing common alignment issues and contraindications
  • Group teaching practice and peer evaluation
    Day 5: Final Assessment and Certification
  • Practical teaching assessments for Mat 2 and Reformer 2
  • Written exam on advanced Pilates principles
  • and individualized coaching
  • Graduation ceremony and certification presentation

1) Age – Between 18 to 55years

2) Starting from 1st April  2023 & 1st October 

3) Fee- offline 35000 & online 30000/-

4) Course subject: Yoga Theory, Hathyoga,
Vinyasa, Teaching methodology, Yogic anatomy

5) Language: Hindi and English

6) Timing for practical -6:00-8:00am or 10:00am-
12:00pm for theory will be online 8:00-9:00pm
as online (Mon to Sat)

7) Eligibility:12th Pass
8) Duration: 60days
9) Registration is mandatory at least 5 days before
10) Inform Yogic kayakalp about any physical or
mental health issues including pregnancy, injuries,
and diseases before booking a course

1. Attendance is mandatory for all 5 days of the course.
Completion of pre-course readings and assignments.
2. Personal liability insurance for teaching Pilates.
3. Comfortable workout attire suitable for physical activity.
Notebook and pen for note-taking.
4. Mat and Reformer workout gear (if available).
5. Willingness to participate in practical teaching exercises and receive feedback.

1. Course manual and handouts.
2. Access to Pilates props and equipment during the training.
3. Recommended reading list for further study.
4. Certification upon successful completion of the course.

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